ELI Readers Role-Play

These books are not in the LLC, but I borrowed one from the University Library, and it was so interesting that I wanted to tell you about it.

The book I borrowed is called Underwater Mystery, and it’s about Atlantis. It’s in the ELI Readers Role-Play series. In this series, there are many different story lines, and the development of the story depends on the choices you make. You could fail in your task or even die if you make the wrong choices! If you look at the pictures below, you’ll see an example: you could go back into your room, or explore. If this kind of story looks interesting, please check these books out on the 3rd floor (洋書 section) of the University Library. The code is 428 E 461.

Another similar series you might want to try out is Oxford Bookworms Starters. Four of those books are Interactive Stories: The White Stones, Mystery in London, Survive!, and Oranges in the Snow.

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