Camp Diary from English Colegio on Monday (9/9)

・Today we arrived at Blue Island. It took me 3 hours to arrive at Blue Island. I worry about the life here, but I would like to enjoy for 10 days. I have to speak English actively to improve English skills.

・Today I joined to English camp in Amakusa. I thought I should improve my English skill, so I’m glad to get such a wonderful chance! I expect this program, and I want to speak English well.

・Today we arrived at Blue Island. I’m nervous about the camp. I introduced myself. But, I couldn’t speak English well. And, I hit on expression. I want to learn positively. In the last, I enjoy today. I get along with others. This made me easy mind.

・Today we arrived at Blue Island. I was looking forward to go to the camp.
I want to improve my speaking skills.

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