Camp Diaries from English colegio on Tuesday (9/10)

・I got up at 6 am and did radio exercise! What a healthy life! I really enjoyed today’s president’s and Mr.Tsutsumi’s class. I think our university should have these kind of classes which make a speech in English instead of Japanese. I noticed I have only few vocabularies, so I should study more. Good night.

・We visited Oe Cathedral Church & Amakusa Rosary Pavilion and learned about history of hidden Christian.The appearance of the church was so beautiful, and it looks like Sakitsu’s one. I was tired and sleepy so I couldn’t concentrate on afternoon class. So I will go to bed early tonight.

・I went to Amakusa Rosary Pavilion, and I watched some displays. They were so interesting. During this English camp, I want to learn about not only English but also Amakusa.

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