Camp Diaries from English Colégio (9/11)

・I cooked tacos and ate it. It was hotter than I expected but it was delicious. Also I played volleyball and basketball with my friends. I could enjoy them. After that, I had a barbecue. I could spend good time.

・Today, we ate Mexican food. It was very delicious! Then, we played many sports. I played table tennis and basketball. I’m not good at sports, but they were very interesting.

・In iPads class, I thought that I would like to remember many words which I cannot say in my daily life. So, I would like to use “real 英会話” as much as possible. And Mexican food class was also nice. I’ve never eaten Tacos, so I could enjoy cooking and eating. I worry about ” Shakespeare in Love.” I have to remember not only lines but also move. I hope that we play it successfully. And BBQ was so tasty. I haven’t had BBQ since when I was a child. So, I enjoyed today’s dinner.

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