Camp Diaries from English Colégio (9/12)

・Today, we played Shakespeare in love. I was very nervous. But, teachers told us to be confident. So I could say my lines without making mistakes. I was very fun.
Then, we went to a hot spring! I haven’t been there for a long time. I ate ice cream. It was very very delicious.

・We performed Romeo and Juliet at community center. I was very nervous. After dinner, we went to hot spring. The hot spring is so beautiful! I took a outside bath. And I’m looking forward to sightseeing, tomorrow!

・I’m glad to talk with presidents in time for lunch. It is fun to talk in English. And today, we showed a drama at community center. I was so nervous because I did not remember lines well. Though I did not do it well, I enjoyed it. Then we went to a spa. That is so good!

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