Camp Diaries from English Colégio (9/13)

・Today, we went sightseeing. We went to various places, and I was very fun. Especially, Amakusa christian museum was exciting! I live near Amakusa Christian museum. But, because it was restored recently, I have been there only two times and seen a little. But, this time, I could see many things. Thanks to today’s sightseeing, I could learn many things about Amakusa. And I could love my hometown!

・Today I went many places. I was very busy but I could enjoy. My favorite place is
Jusanbutsu park. The view was very beautiful. I wanted to see sunset. Itsuwa was
also good. I saw many fishes. It was very fun and I felt it was a new experiment.
Today I couldn’t watch dolphins. So I want to go there again.
Dinner was most delicious menu! Today, I spoke English. So It was very good time.
I want to continue speaking English. Recently I made some friends. I am very happy and I’ll do my best.

・We went Amakusa sightseeing. I was impressed by Sakitsu church the most. And today’s lunch was so delicious. After dinner, I enjoyed talking with Erin, Shareen, Zack, and my friend. We played some games. Today was the happiest day so far for me!

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