Camp Diaries from English Colégio (9/16)

・Today, we played game in the morning. We had to say the good points of a decided sport. I had to say the good points of wrestling. It was very very difficult for me to say it because I seldom watch it. As a result, I lost. But, the game was very interesting.

・Today we played last English game. I thought the game is good training for quickly answer. The direction card was so funny and it made me laugh. After dinner we watched PENEROPI. It was really wonderful and I was moved. Then, we talked about our favorite movies with eating Lullaby steamed bun. My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. I was glad when I heard Carl love same movie too.

・Today I played argue game. It was so interesting.
I explained basketball and bowling. I think they are not the best sports
but I tried to convince. I had a good time.
In the afternoon, I studied marketing. I have studied marketing in the university. Also I have discussed while SWOT analysis but it was so difficult.
I want to be a civil servant. And I think politics organization should have concept of business so it was good experience for me.

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